Tips to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE

Hotel management is the part of the hospitality industry and with people spending more and more money on their comfort, it should not come as a shock that Hotel Management is one of the fastest growing field in the world. With big Hotel brands opening new hotels in many big and small cities, the requirement of Hotel Management graduates is increasing day by day. These big hotels are ready to pay huge amounts of money to their employees but they prefer to hire only from the best Universities in India and most of those Universities give admissions on the basis of NCHMCT JEE. So keeping that in mind AAA Bright Academy presents you some tips to perform well in NCHMCT JEE.

Make Notes

Making notes are important for two reasons:

  1. They help you revise the topics in a limited time frame and helps in final minute preparations.
  2. Note making is the fastest way of learning a new topic or concept, so it is advisable that you make summarized notes of chapters that you studied in the coaching institute or at home.

Make a Schedule

Discipline is very important when it comes to cracking a competitive exam. We should make a proper and realistic time table, distributing time to subjects according to the syllabus and your particular strengths and weaknesses. Making and following a schedule helps in reducing exam stress and helps you to take out time for other important activities like exercising and spending time with your family.

Study Section Wise

We should never study two sections of the same subject at one time, that creates confusion and sometime you might not be able to distribute your time properly. Here is a section wise overview of NCHMCT JEE:

Analytical aptitude and Numerical Ability

This section will have 30 questions based on 9th and 10th level Mathematics. Some of the important topics to be studied are Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Profit-loss, Percentage, Averages, Geometry, time-speed-distance, number system among others.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

This section consists of 30 questions and to crack this section you should be well aware of all the important sports, history and geographical events as well as recent/ current Affairs.

English Language

This is the most important section of NCHMCT JEE, and consist of 60 questions. Some topics that you need to focus on are: Spotting error, Synonyms and Antonyms, Idioms, Tenses, Comprehension, Preposition, Rules of Correct usage among others.

Reasoning and Logical Deduction

This section consists of 30 questions and will test your reasoning power and deduction skills, some of the high weightage topics are: Blood Relations, Mathematical operators and reasoning, completion of figures and series, counting of figures, Venn diagrams, data interpretation, etc. This section can turn out to be the most scoring of the above section and can really get you that boost to your rank provided that you do not do a lot of silly mistakes.

Aptitude for Service Sector

In order to survive and flourish in the hospitality sector you must possess interpersonal skills and this section is aimed on judging that. As the marking is graded so there is no wrong answer so you have to mark the answer that is right according to you.

Mock Tests

If you are in your preparation journey then you should be well aware of your current preparation level and that can be done by solving mock tests. Mock Tests help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of your preparations, mock tests help you get the required confidence to face the final exam, so take as many practice tests as you can and try to score above the required cut off, just to gain some confidence.


Always be motivated

Every preparation journey is tough, somedays you might want to give up but you have to keep yourself motivated in every way possible. Motivation makes a lot of difference, mostly people are motivated at first but slowly they lose that spirit and that effects their preparation and thereby the final result.

Final Words

Every year more and more students are being attracted towards Hotel Management and thereby increasing the competition for NCHMCT JEE. But with proper guidance and coaching you can clear NCHMCT JEE without any difficulty. We here at AAA Bright Academy provide our students with the best in class education and constant motivation so that no competitive exam is difficult for them.