Tips to Prepare for CLAT

CLAT is the exam that one has to give for admissions in the top 18 colleges for legal studies in India. Every year more and more people are giving CLAT exams owing to its increasing popularity as a potential career among students. Law gives you a lot of career opportunities and growth possibilities but all of that, doesn’t come without hard work. A lawyer must have good oratory skills and a great command over language. A lawyer is required to have great negotiating and convincing skills. All of that will help you in the long run but to give your career an early start it is important to have a law degree from a good University and for that you have to perform well in CLAT. So to help you with that, AAA Bright Academy brings some tips that might give you an edge in your preparation over the other candidates.

Make a Schedule

Discipline is the most important factor when it comes to achieving your goals. You need to make a time and study schedule because self-study is really important. Divide your time among topics and give more time to the topics that you are weak in.

Make Notes

You should make notes of topics that you have studied because when it comes to revising those topics it would be easier if you read those notes instead of reading that whole topic from the textbook. Note writing is the easiest way to learn to learn something you read.

Section Wise Tips

General Knowledge:

General Knowledge is the make or break section because if it is prepared for in a nice way it usually takes lesser time than any other section.

You will be asked 50 questions from this section and the latest CLAT pattern has suggested that more no of current affair questions come rather that static GK, so make, reading a newspaper a daily habit.

Legal Aptitude:

It is one of the interesting sections and will ask you 50 questions based on legal areas of the law of Torts, Legal GK, Law of Contracts and Criminal Law. It is not required from you to have a detailed understanding of the subject matter as it exists only to test your aptitude. To score more in this section try analyzing and solving past papers. Scoring in this section will be beneficial as marks of Legal Aptitude are considered in terms of a tie breaker.


A total of 40 questions will be asked from this section and will test your English proficiency. This section is all about comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary. Although the vocabulary and grammar part requires long and consistent efforts but with the help of proper guidance and studying methods they sufficient skills can be obtained in lesser time. The grammar section includes filling in appropriate words, finding errors etc. and practice is the key so practice as much as you can.

Logical Reasoning

This section has 40 questions and includes questions from analogies, odd man out, statement and assumptions, logical sequences, deduction or syllogism etc. This section is one of the easiest and can make a large difference in the final score. You need to practice this section because if practiced properly it won’t take a lot of time.


This section consist of 20 questions of the topic like percentage, simple interest, compound interest and mainly all the tenth level mathematics topics. You should take this section seriously and prepare for it accordingly. Although the questions are lesser in compared to other sections but it is vital in improving the overall score.

Mock Tests

If you are in your preparation journey then you should be well aware of your current preparation level and that can be done by solving mock tests. Mock Tests help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of your preparations, mock tests help you get the required confidence to face the final exam, so take as many practice tests as you can and try to score above the required cut off, just to gain some confidence.


Always be motivated

Every preparation journey is tough, somedays you might want to give up but you have to keep yourself motivated in every way possible. Motivation makes a lot of difference, mostly people are motivated at first but slowly they lose that spirit and that effects their preparation and thereby the final result.


Final Words:

Always trust your teachers, guides, mentors or whoever is helping you with the preparation. If you doubt your teachers or coaching institutes then it would lead you nowhere. Lastly I would say that hard work is the key because a teacher might provide you with the knowledge, but it is up to you to absorb that knowledge. We here at AAA Bright Academy provide students with all the guidance and support needed to clear CLAT exam and if the students is willing to work hard, we make exams just a piece of cake for them.