Top Posts after SSC CGL

Top Posts after SSC CGL

After one successfully clears SSC CGL, the candidate is appointed to one of the posts from his/her preference order. The candidate has to fill the preference order while filling up the CGL form. The priority should be decided keeping in mind many different factors like: Salary and Benefits, Place of work, Type of work, Promotions, Transfers etc. So here are the top posts that a candidate generally chooses:

Assistant Audit Officer

Posting:  Anywhere in India.

Pay Grade: 4800

No of Posts- Very less

As this is one of the newest added posts therefore the number of vacancies are limited. It is mainly a desk job. An AAO helps in conducting Government /Public Sector Audits. He/ She can take decisions at section level and report it to higher authority.

The career path is very good, an AAO can be promoted to Senior AO or DAG.

Income Tax Inspector

Posting:  Anywhere in India.

Pay Grade: 4600

No of Posts: A lot of vacancies available (Can get home state posting)

Income Tax Inspector is a respectable job in the society and provides good work life balance. The career path is also decent as one can get promoted 5-6 times during the total service. The First promotion is given after 8 years of service, after clearing the department exams. An ITI can go as high as a commissioner.

Examiner/ Inspector in Customs Department

Posting:  Coastal areas like Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, etc.

Pay Grade: 4600

No of Posts: Very few.

The post of Examiner is generally the first choice among toppers because of high promotion expectancy, High authority and workload and the corruptness of the department.

Assistant in MEA and CSS

Posting: Delhi, chances of foreign posting.

Pay Grade: 4600

This is mainly a desk job and provides good work life balance with medium work load. The career growth is also decent and one can get his/her first promotion in just 8 years after clearing department exams.


 Assistant Enforcement Officer/ Sub-Inspector

Posting: Posting in enforcement directorate offices in 21 cities.

Pay Grade: 4600

This is the type of job that has high respect in the society and has a lot of diversity. Your work will be to prevent money laundering, forgery etc. If the candidate is hard working and wants an interesting Job profile, then this is the job for him.


Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission)

Posting: Anywhere in India.

Pay Grade: 4600

The job in this post will be to Update case files, Record keeping, Contacting different departments for collecting required information. The Central Vigilance Commission monitors vigilance activities carried out by various central government organizations. The career path is good, although there is no fixed promotion period but one can become a Sectional officer in just 6-7 years and after that Under Secretory, Deputy secretory and then the Director.

Assistant (AFHQ)

Posting: Delhi or any other metro city.

Pay Grade: 4600

It is a desk job including clerical work, compiling reports and files, keeping track of ongoing cases etc. The job burden is less so it is favorable for those who don’t like working hard.

This post comes under the ministry of defense so the candidate will enjoy additional perks and benefits.

Promotion Order goes like:

  • Section officer
  • Deputy Director
  • Joint Director
  • Principle Director


Assistant (Ministry of Railway)

Posting: In cities/ Reginal HQ

Pay Grade: 4600

The job is clerical but it is above Upper division Clerk. There are a lot of benefits like free and discounted railway passes allowing you to travel anywhere in India. The career growth is decent as one can become a sectional officer in just 5-6 year by clearing the department exam.

Final Words

These are some of the top choices of many students who give SSC UGC. We are not suggesting that the candidate should fill the preferences in this exact order, because each and every job is different in terms of job profile, work place environments and perks. One should really put up his/ her preferences in order and then select the appropriate post.