How to Prepare for Bank PO

Preparing for Bank PO with expert Coaching

Cracking a competitive exam is getting tougher and tougher these days and it is not just about getting the best coaching, although that is important, but how much effort are you willing to put in , is what really matters. Coaching institutes can help you only if you are willing to help yourself andkeeping that in mind here are the things you need to do, on your part, to crack IBPS PO:

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Mock Tests

If you are in your preparation journey then you should be well aware of your current preparation level and that can be done by solving mock tests. Mock Tests help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of your preparation mock tests help you get the required confidence to face the final exam, so take as many practice tests as you can and try to score above the required cut off, just to gain some confidence.

Work on your weaknesses and grill your strengths

After analyzing your current preparation level you must know your strengths and weaknesses. IBPS is not just about reasoning, aptitude and English skills, although they are important to clear the preliminary but you should think ahead. The knowledge based subjects should be revised on a weekly basis because it is really important to have those on your tips. Work on your weaknesses, but remember it is never compulsory to answer each and every question, you can always skip questions and still get good marks. While working on our weaknesses, we should never forget our strengths because they will be the ones making all the difference on your scores, so revise them from time to time.

Study Section Wise

You should concentrate on a single topic at a time, turning through pages and studying whatever comes in front of you is not the right way to study. Even if you are weak in a particular subject you would have to clear the sectional cutoff. So here is the section wise analysis of the exam:


If you manage your time properly you can extract a lot of marks from the reasoning section.

Type of questions:

Before studying for reasoning, you need to understand the type of questions asked in this section.

It is suggested that one should study the easier types first and then go to the difficult ones, but it is really your own choice.

The easier type of questions include: Series completion, Direction based, Classification/ odd pair, Ranking and time sequence tests, dictionary questions and classification/ odd pair type questions.

These types of questions comes in the tough category: Inequalities, blood relations, Data sufficiency, coding decoding, syllogisms, seating arrangement, complex puzzle, Input output machine and complex puzzle.

Verbal/ English Section

If you are good in English, then this section can be attempted in just 10-15 minutes, giving you more time for other sections. English is the type of subject which could really give you an advantage over others if you have your basics clear.

Type of questions:

The type of questions include: Fill in the blanks, Phrases, idioms, Spotting Error, Comprehension passages, prepositions and Sentence rearrangement questions among others.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Quantitative aptitude is the most time consuming section and is considered the toughest of all. If you are good at quantitative aptitude then you could really have a higher chance of clearing IBPS PO than any other candidate, provided you are able to pull off the other sections.

Type of questions:

The sections to focus on include: Data Interpretation, Sequence and Series, Quadratic Equations, Ratio and proportion, Percentage and averages, Simplification, etc.


Always be motivated

The main aspects of every preparation journey is that the road is tough, somedays you might want to give up but you have to keep yourself motivated in every way possible. Motivation makes a lot of difference, mostly people are motivated at first but slowly they lose that spirit and that effects their preparation.


Final Words:

Always trust your teachers, guides, mentors or whoever is helping you with the preparation. If you doubt your teachers or coaching institutes then it would lead you nowhere. Lastly I would say that hard work is the key because a teacher might provide you with the knowledge but it is up to you to absorb that knowledge. We here at AAA Bright Academy provide students with all the guidance and support needed to clear Bank PO exams and if the students is willing to work hard, we make exams just a piece of cake for them.