Scope in Legal Profession

Law is one of the most popular career options all around the world. In India, Legal profession has been through a drastic change in the past few years, now court is not the only place which involves the role of Lawyers, corporate houses, law firms, administrative and judicial firms also hire law graduates at a decent salary. Law gives you a lot of career opportunities and growth possibilities but all of that, doesn’t come without hard work. A lawyer must have good oratory skills and a great command over language. A lawyer is required to have great negotiating and convincing skills. There are a lot of career versatility in law, you can choose from one of the following careers:

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Criminal Lawyer:

A criminal lawyer is the type of lawyer you see in movies and television, they defend a person accused of a particular crime. A criminal lawyer can take up a variety of cases, from domestic violence to theft, fraud and embezzlement cases. A criminal lawyer is an essential part of the Indian Judicial system. Our Indian judiciary believes in the fact that even if many criminals walk free, not a single innocent should be punished, and the criminal lawyers help protect those innocent people.

Legal Analyst:

A legal analyst also called as a paralegal, is a person that provides aid to the lawyers or the legal team. They have varied responsibilities, largely dependent on the case they are helping the lawyers with. A paralegal has to maintain an extensive understanding of law, understand the procedures and regulations of law and the government, access and research legal documents. Their main job is researching, so they must high attention to detail, great organization skills, expert research and critical thinking skills.

Legal Advisor:

Legal advisors are lawyers that provide legal advice to large corporations. They are also called in house lawyers and generally have specialization in a particular are of law. They are called to handle any legal problem faced by the organization like, labor or contract issues, harassment or workplace conflicts, etc. They are an integral part of large corporate decisions like accusation or merger. They work for the goodwill of the organization and helps protecting it from any legal issue.

Civil Litigation Lawyer:

A civil litigation is the result when two or more parties are in a legal dispute seeking money or any other form of payment rather than criminal sanctions. The lawyer who is specialized in civil litigation is known as a “litigator” or simply a civil litigation lawyer. Most of the civil litigation cases are ended in a settlement between parties, before even approaching the court.

Indian Legal Services:

Lawyers are also appointed for legal service in the department of Legal Affairs and Legislative council in the legislative department. They are basically the government prosecutor who represent against the person breaking the law in criminal cases.

Teaching and Writing:

Law graduates can become professors and guest lecturers in prestigious universities. They can also write journals, books and theses related to law.

The fields of specialization for a lawyer:

  1. Civil/Criminal Law
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Administrative Law
  4. Taxation
  5. Intellectual property /Patent Law
  6. Human Rights Law
  7. Corporate Law
  8. Business Law
  9. Real Estate Law
  10. Labour Law
  11. International Law
  12. Family Law


A lawyer’s salary depends upon his experience and overall skills. A mediocre lawyer from an average law school might start from 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. There is a lot of money in law as many lawyers charge around 10 lakhs to even 1 crore for a single appearance in court.


Law is one of the high paying professions in the world, but with so many people becoming lawyers each and every year it is difficult to separate yourself from the masses and the key to that is hard work, determination and the required skill set. So take the first step right, by joining AAA Bright academy and leave the rest to us , with your hard work and determination and our coaching you will soon become one of the top lawyers in the world.