General Knowledge Notes Making and Shortcut for SSC CGL 2017

In continuance with previous article, we will now discuss in detail the strategy of notes making and learning General Knowledge for SSC CGl 2017


Phase-4-  This is the real work, Now make notes not like  school going kids, but only in following ways

test ssc cgl stratagy

Mind Map:-  In various researches on memory has found that our brain easily remember things which are neatly organized. Mind Map is technique which will help us to make notes which can be learned easily and it’s very easy to revise also.

COMPARISON:-   Most of Polity questions are tricky as they confuse students because of certain similarities. In the following way of comparison notes we can minimize the error and can increase our score

President Chief Justice of India or in his absence the senior most Judge of Supreme Court Vice-President Chairman Public Service Commission President President
Vice President President or Some person appointed in that behalf by the President President Governor RBI President President
Prime Minister President President Chief Minister Governor Governor
Lok Sabha Speaker President Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha Chief Justice of High Court Governor President
Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha President Speaker of Lok Sabha Other Judges of High Court Governor President
Chief Election Commissioner President President Advocate General Governor Governor
Attorney General of India President President Accountant General Governor Governor
Comptroller and Auditor General President or Some person appointed in that behalf by the President President Chairman State Public Service Commission Governor Governor
Solicitor General President President Members State Public Service Commission Governor Governor


  1. Type -1
  2. PEN=RTC.
    proton, electron, neutron=rutherford, thomson, Chadwick
  3. F- French A-Arabic C-Chinese  E-English  R-Russian  S-Spanish
    FACERS, these are official languages of UN


  1. Type-2
  2. Few years ago, to break the monotony of teaching every day 5 classes, I thought to take leave. I planned to go to SHIMLA as we have AAA-bright Academy centre also there. I don’t want to go by car or bus, So I boarded TRAINe Toy Train to shimla to get essence of Old Days Train and to enjoy Scenic Beauty on my way. Train Reached Solan, then a person with Doctors Coat entered into my compartment with a stethoscope around his neck and a SITARA (star) on his shoulder accompanied by two security personals. It was very strange to see a Lipstick mark on his Cheek as if his wife gave him a good bye kiss and  he forgot to clean it. It was very funny to see a DOCTOR WITH LIPSTICK on his face. I ask one security person about this doctor about his SITARA, he told me that SITARA (Star) was presented by RANI to him for saving her, one some NAG(Snake bite him) and When I reached there and took rest for night and next day I left my Cell Phone at Guest House and left for Mall road to rest in solace. Within an hour I saw someone shouting my name, he was my centre head, Shimla Vikram. He was breathing heavily as if he came all thw way running. He said,” Sir,,, Sirrrrr, You have an urgent TELEGRAM from your brother”. I recived it, It was from my younger brother Ankit, he wrote “Charlie, I cleared CIVIL SERVICES EXAM, for party I am going to DALHOUSIE


Lord Dalhousie –

  • Declared Shimla as summer capital of india.
  • He started Doctrine of lapse POLICY & annexed satara (1848), Jhansi (Rani), Nagpur (1854)
  • First railway line was led from Bombay to Thana, in 1853.
  • In 1853, competitive examination for the Indian Civil Services began
  • Served Charles Woods despatch on Education (1854) recommended the setting up of universities in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras.
  1. Type-3 BELL bjege GYM mein Jab koi MUSSCLE Bnayega
                                BELL + GYM=   BELGIUM         MUSSCLE= BRUSSELS     

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