SSC Bank PO Exam fear & the Anxiety syndrome

SSC Exams and Bank po fear

We all fear taking the Bank PO or SSC Exams

SSC Coaching exams crack it without fear – After all the articles regarding UGC Net exams and SSC CGL, Bank PO prep, you are deep in you routine of waking up fresh to a cup of tea, sitting down with your books and your laptop, checking your time table for what class and subject you are going to gulp in today.

All the time spent in group discussions and scoring good in your mock test and the many hours scrolling the internet for more and more knowledge, here you are all ready and confidant for the D Day, The arrival of the exam date. Gearing to go and eat up the question paper. Yes you are confidant and why not. All the information is stored well and locked up in your well oiled machine called your brain.

 ssc exam coaching fear

So here We go – Exam Time

You wake up, well to start with you are starting to get a bit stressed up, After all so much is at stake here. A good well paying job, career and growth and not to mention success means a good personal life, affluent lifestyle, a good house and a status among your circle. So if is natural you are feeling the weight of your own ambition. We all do whenever we are going to perform in something big, A bit of stress, anxiety, fear of the unknown.

So here you are, and as you approach the hall you meet up with some of your stressed up friends, All looking confident from outside but then there are these talks about how they missed some chapter and news is there are chances questions will come from those chapters, and you get freaked, Hey you too did miss up a few readings, Aaaa so now what it seems you aren’t that prepared as you thought so, Now you are starting to freak up more.

Start of Exam Panic Attack

Now you get away from your friends and there depressing and scary talk about how tough the exams will be and missing out on points. So you quickly open up your notes for some last Minute mugging up and think, Ok let me give myself a small test and you open up your Quant note, And get to a question and challenge yourself to the answer.

But your head is spinning now, All the talk about missing syllabus, A tough question paper, some talk about out of syllabus questions are taking their toll, You well oiled brain is overheating and you seem to have lost your focus. You can’t seem to get to the solution, Its like your brain is going into panic gear.

As you now get into the exam hall a felling of dread falls upon you, you start to sweat and all type of thoughts are racing in your mind. You would just wish the exams were not happening today. It seems time has slowed down to a tick and all you want is to run out of this hall. No wonder this exam did not go well, even though you prepared well but at the last moment you had a brain malfunction.

The After Effects of Exam Stress

The scenario above is common, even intelligent and well prepared students mess up at the last moment so much so that many go into depression, Leave studies or drop there goals and in some cases take extreme steps like committing suicide. So how do we cope with exam stress and competition anxiety?

Good Preparation and mental health

Tips for Reducing Stress

  • Make a reasonable update timetable and stick to it. Begin arranging it a long time before the exams start. Try not to leave amendment to the latest possible time.
  • Make brief notes of your books, notes and articles to make them less demanding to process rapidly, especially in the event that you don’t care for the subject or think that its troublesome.
  • Include headings and sub-headings, or utilize highlighting pens and amendment cards, catchphrases or outlines – whatever works for you.
  • Work out what amendment timetable best suits you.
  • On the off chance that you can gather well in the morning then do the greater part of your examining before lunch, not late during the evening when you can’t think. In the event that you can learn during the evening then learn at later 50% of the day, yet go to bed at sensible hour and get enough rest.
  • In the event that you truly can’t focus may be you are drained, hungry, or quite recently exhausted. Enjoy a reprieve and returned to studies 10 minutes after some rest. Short blasts of concentrated modification are regularly superior to hours of gazing at a similar page.
  • Continuously request help if there are things you don’t comprehend, and particularly on the off chance that you are feeling, worried.
  • At long last, always remember that there is life after correction and exams.
  • Attempt to have a cool composure at exams
SSC Exams and Bank po fear

How to beat the Exam heat

  • At the point when the exam at last arrives, it is past the point where it is possible to stress, about whether you have sufficiently modified. On the date of the exam, you ought to keep up your coolness.
  • Have a decent breakfast. Getting nervous in the middle of an exam can be bad, particularly if your fixation is now cautioning.
  • Look at the points of interest of exams and ensure you know when and where the exam will be!
  • Give yourself a lot of time to arrive and quiet your nerves. Hurrying just adds to the sentiment freeze.
  • Make arrangements to get everything ready the prior night, watch that you have gathered your stuff with all that you will require – additional pens, water, tissues et cetera. On the morning of the exam, strain can make you overlook something essential. So unwind.
  • Converse with other students before taking the exam in the event that it improves your concentration and confidence, but in the event that it just makes you more anxious, attempt and locate a peaceful corner for yourself.
  • Go to the washroom and ease yourself before the exam begins.
  • Set aside opportunity to peruse the guidelines and inquiries deliberately. Many times improper reading of guidelines can cause you to give the wrong number of answers or misread the requirements.
  • Work out to what extent you should answer each question and attempt to stick to it.
  • Watch out for the time and take note about what extent you want to spend on various areas.
  • Continuously keep 10-15 minutes for amendment, check for evident slip-ups and guarantee that you have addressed every one of the inquiries.

Keeping Anxiety Under check

  • Attempt to unwind, keep your anxiety level to a base. No one can be immaculate and what you can do is to do his or her best.
  • Set up a modification timetable and set out what points, subjects you need to cover every day.
  • The most ideal approach to study is ordinarily in brief periods and plans your timetable in such a way, to the point that you keep some time for unwinding.
  • Make overhauling less demanding by highlighting the most imperative regions, which you have to study and make notes of anything you don’t comprehend or are uncertain about and talk about this with an instructor or companion. You ought to talk about your course with your companions .You can likewise give each other good support.
  • Ensure you can spend some time for exercise, high impact exercise, strolling, cycling, swimming, moving – anything to dispose of the worry in your body.
  • Ensure you get outside air every day – even a ten-minute stroll in the recreation center, round the piece or investing energy in the garden will offer assistance.
  • A few people think that its spurring when they put aside some review time a couple of hours before a most loved program they need to watch – it helps realizing that after your review you have something to appreciate.
  • In your unwinding time – don’t consider work and exams – go out with companions and have a ball, tune in to music, do whatever you appreciate and whatever helps you to feel loose. That way you will feel more persuaded to keep overhauling after your unwinding time.
  • Have an adjusted eating routine. Ensure that you generally have breakfast else; you will get a handle on anxious and of vitality for the duration of the day and won’t be in the correct outlook to think about. You can just focus appropriately when you are physically and rationally fine.
  • In the event that you were not able focus, it is ideal to have a break for some time and afterward backpedal to thinks about.
  • Never go to rest straight subsequent to reexamining – you need some unwinding before the finish of the day. Possibly have an unwinding shower before going to informal lodging to get the chance to rest at a sensible time so you are not feeling tired the following day.
  • Try not to leave your modification for a hours ago
  • Prior to the day of the exams check, you have all that you require – pencils, pens, rulers, and so on.
  • Upon the arrival of your exams, rise early so you can take things at your own particular pace – don’t surge and get panicky about being late.
  • Perused the entire exam paper before beginning the exam as that will give you a thought of how much time you will requirement for each question.
  • In the event that you can’t answer a question – don’t freeze – go onto the inquiries you feel more certain about and backpedal to the more troublesome ones later.
  • On the off chance that you feel getting off-focused and panicky-take some full breaths, back off breathing, this will help you to quiet down.

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