State Bank of India PO 2017 Strategy Series -2

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We hope the previous article would be liked by you. In continuance, we are now sharing with you a new strategy as a part of SBI PO prelims 2017 on English Section.

Today’s Sub topic is – Preposition made easy:-

Preposition is a word placed before noun or pronoun or gerund and denotes the relation the person or thing, referred by it, has something else. It is important for exam point of view as it help us to crack hard nuts directly or indirectly in following type of question :-

  • DIRECT= Cloze Test- 5 questions –Easy
  • INDIRECT= Para-jumble- 5 questions –Easy
  • DIRECT= Error-5 questions – Difficult
  • DIRECT= Double Fillers-5 questions – Moderate

Why Preposition seems so difficult?

Because if we try to use a new gadget without using the USER Manual, It will become a difficult task for us.

Traditional Approach:- To mug up the sequence of Preposition as it is.

For example. Care for, consult on, born at ….. etc

How to do preposition for bank po exam?

Phase -1 – Learn the basic rules

Phase -2 – Rather than mugging up learn with innovative ideas.

Phase -1 – Learn the basic rules

  1. A preposition can’t be followed by a verb, if we want to follow we must use the –ing form which is really a gerund or verb in noun form
  2. When object of preposition is an interrogative pronoun what, who, whom, which, where etc. the preposition takes end or front position
  3. When “object” of the preposition is relative pronoun “that”, the preposition takes end position.
  4. When “object” of the preposition is infinitive (to + verb). The preposition is placed after infinitive.
  5. In some sentence, preposition is attached with the verb. These verb take appropriate preposition with them.
  6. In some cases the preposition comes in the beginning. These are usually interrogative sentences.

Phase -2 – Rather than mugging up learns with innovative ideas.

Make picture based connection

picture based connection

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