How to Prepare General Knowledge for SSC CGL 2017

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SSC CGL 2017 General awareness Section is considered as Herculean task for many aspirants. There is no need to worry at all. This is one of the easiest and scoring section of SSC CGL.  Before starting the Strategy Discussion of this section, we first analyze the last year exam.

Analysis of SSC 2016 Gk Section Analysis

Topic No of Questions Level Book Recommended
History 5 Moderate – Difficult  

Arihant Gk Book


Objective Questons

Amar Ujala



(6th to 10th)

Geography 3 Moderate – Difficult
Economics 3 Moderate – Difficult
Polity 3 Moderate – Difficult
General Science 4-5 Moderate – Difficult
Current Affairs 4-5 Moderate – Difficult
Total 25 Moderate – Difficult

Problem Faced by students while preparing for this section:-

  • I don’t know what to study.
  • I forgot everything after some days.
  • Its very difficult to learn and remember.
  • Which source to follow ?
  • I cant understand anything.
  • Gk is Very difficult.
  • I don’t know which thing is important.

All above are problems faced by those who apply a wrong strategy while targeting this section.

Right Strategy or winning strategy for ssc cgl exam 2017 is as following

winning strategy

Phase-1Read the whole subject (History, Geography etc) fully, don’t read section wise) very fast in way as if you are reading a novel of story without even trying to understand.

Phase-2- Divide each subject section wise, For exp- In Ancient History, sections should be Indus Valley, Vedic Culture etc.

Now Read each section with full concentration and with a mindset to understand each concept to fullest. Focus should be only towards understanding not towards learning

Phase-3  Analyze Previous year questions and try to figure which facts or concept for which examiner is fond of. It means find out what type of question are asked in Prv. Years Question.

Phase-4-  This is the real work, Now make notes not like  school going kids, but only

in following ways


In next article we will discuss Phase -4 in detail.

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How to Prepare English section for SSC CGL 2017

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Keeping in mind the new online pattern of SSC CGL english exams from 2016 which saw the exam being conducted online for the first time and exam being divided into 4 Tiers. English language still retains the maximum importance across all tiers taken together in ssc preparation 2017. Let’s analyse tier -1 in this article.


English section for SSC CGL consists of 25 questions of 2 marks each with a negative marking of 0.5 in case of a wrong answer. The difficulty level is expected to be form easy to moderate and broadly consisted of the following topics in 2016.

1. Reading Comprehension – 5 Qs (Easy)
2. Antonym & Synonym – 4 Qs (Easy)
3. Idiom/phrases – 3 Qs (Moderate)
4. Spelling Correction – 1 Qs (Moderate )
5. Sentence Improvement – 3 Qs (Easy)
6. One Word Substitution – 3 Qs (Moderate)
7. Error Detection – 3 Qs (Easy)
8. Fill in the blanks – 3 Qs (Easy)
Reading Comprehension in SSC CGL 2017

Reading Comprehension being an evergreen topic for testing the language skills of student’s remains a hot choice of examiners as well. Skills needed to crack this part is fast reading skills and accurate comprehension without pre judgement or prior knowledge affecting the text in front of the reader.

For improving speed one can try using speed reader application on smart phones and within a span of 3-6 weeks one can considerably improve reading speed which is highly beneficial and gives an upper edge over the rest of the competition.

And most important one should have ample practise as well. A daily habit of reading newspaper editorials to be familiar with vast varieties of topics and different styles of writing.

Vocabulary section in SSC CGL 2017

Vocabulary section can be handled with ease if one has strong grip over root words. One book strongly recommended for this section is “Word power made easy – by Norman Lewis”. This part will be helpful to tackle one word substitution , synonyms and antonyms, and cloze test.Students can join top coaching institute for ssc coaching in chandigarh

Idioms and Phrases in SSC CGL 2017

Idioms and Phrases – The idioms section may trick a few students as there is a tendency for the unconventional idioms and phrases to appear in the exam . To overcome this hurdle one may go through a list of not more than 350 idioms which will the required confidence for the examination and also ensure securing of assured marks.

Error detection and Sentence Improvement in SSC CGL 2017

Error detection and Sentence Improvement – Basic knowledge of parts of speech and decent amount of practise of past year papers is the key to score good in this part of the section. It becomes relatively simple once all rules are revised and thorough. One of the key areas to be focussed on is the subject verb agreement as many errors revolve around this concept.For this sections students can join best coaching institute for ssc coaching in chandigarh

Fill in the blanks in SSC CGL 2017

Fill in the blanks – This section generally comprises of prepositions or phrasal verbs (prepository phrases) and need basic understanding of prepositions and figurative meaning of phrasal verbs must be learnt by heart as these comprise a good portion of the total exam directly or indirectly.

State Bank of India PO 2017 Strategy Series -2

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We hope the previous article would be liked by you. In continuance, we are now sharing with you a new strategy as a part of SBI PO prelims 2017 on English Section.

Today’s Sub topic is – Preposition made easy:-

Preposition is a word placed before noun or pronoun or gerund and denotes the relation the person or thing, referred by it, has something else. It is important for exam point of view as it help us to crack hard nuts directly or indirectly in following type of question :-

  • DIRECT= Cloze Test- 5 questions –Easy
  • INDIRECT= Para-jumble- 5 questions –Easy
  • DIRECT= Error-5 questions – Difficult
  • DIRECT= Double Fillers-5 questions – Moderate

Why Preposition seems so difficult?

Because if we try to use a new gadget without using the USER Manual, It will become a difficult task for us.

Traditional Approach:- To mug up the sequence of Preposition as it is.

For example. Care for, consult on, born at ….. etc

How to do preposition for bank po exam?

Phase -1 – Learn the basic rules

Phase -2 – Rather than mugging up learn with innovative ideas.

Phase -1 – Learn the basic rules

  1. A preposition can’t be followed by a verb, if we want to follow we must use the –ing form which is really a gerund or verb in noun form
  2. When object of preposition is an interrogative pronoun what, who, whom, which, where etc. the preposition takes end or front position
  3. When “object” of the preposition is relative pronoun “that”, the preposition takes end position.
  4. When “object” of the preposition is infinitive (to + verb). The preposition is placed after infinitive.
  5. In some sentence, preposition is attached with the verb. These verb take appropriate preposition with them.
  6. In some cases the preposition comes in the beginning. These are usually interrogative sentences.

Phase -2 – Rather than mugging up learns with innovative ideas.

Make picture based connection

picture based connection

State Bank of India PO 2017 Strategy – No. 1 Choice for Bank Job Aspirant

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State bank of India always considered as strong magnet for all the future bankers, It has been a brand among other banking opportunities. Pay & Perks is one of the criteria for opting it as 1st choice. All these factors make it a one of the most difficult exam. The SBI PO exam needs a special strategy to crack.

We are starting a series of Strategy Articles on every day basis. Do read them as they are prepared by two time SBI PO exam qualifier.We will start out 1st article with English Section and in English we will take up Reading Comprehension Section today.

Strategy For Reading Comprehension Part

In SBI PO 2017 Prelims exam, English comprises of 30 questions and it is for 30 Marks.
If we do analysis of English Prelims Question Paper of Last year SBI PO Exam. It was of Moderate Level.

Reading Comprehension – There were 10 questions for 10 marks and reading comprehension were based on following themes:-

  • Maternity Leaves for Women in Corporate Sector
  • Gender Inequality and Gender Gap
  • Women Empowerment Index
  • Interest in Computer Science among Girls and Boys

Is SBI PO preparation RC’s a difficult Part ?

Reading Comprehension is considered as difficult for the students whose reading speed is not good. But it is the most easiest part of English Section Because of two reasons. One this is the only part where answer is given itself in question paper and second, there is no need to mug up any rules to attempt it.

What is required for RC to clear SBI PO 2017?

You need a Good Reading Speed including a sound command on Vocabulary, which itself get developed while working on Reading Speed.

What is My reading Speed?

Note- Start your Stop Watch and read the Following Paragraph.

“About us- AAA-Bright academy was established by an Ex-Banker Mr. R.K. Mahajan and later on joined by an Ex-SSC-CGL Cracker Mr. Sanjay Charkhwal. The Duo both pioneered the Idea of Quality Coaching for Competitive Examination in North India. AAA-Bright Academy with its Pan North India Coverage provides an Impetus for those who want to get a government job. The whole eco system is developed in such a way that a student will feel always to be in a competitive atmosphere, which keep the ignition sparked all time. When it comes to some students who are below average in any subject, its very soothing and comfortable in doubt session where teacher takes doubt individually. There is no other institute in region which provides Mains and Interview/Group Discussion coaching free of cost and that to with so much of passion and aggression. They are always first to adapt with changing Pattern of any exam like SBI PO 2017.”

Now Note Down in How much time you took to read it fully.  Above Passage is of 150 words. Divide 150 by No. of Minutes.

Example- Suppose you took 2 minutes. So your Reading speed will be 150/2= 75 words per minute.

Ideal Speed to Score Good in Comprehension Section is more than 100.

How to Increase Reading Speed ?

  1. Read Read Read a lot – No Its wrong approch.
  2. Right Way – For those having an average speed. Kindly Read in Three Phases Phase-
    1. phase 1 Read without even a pich burden to understand.
    2. Phase-2:-Now Write Meaning of Vocab Words.
    3. Phase -3:- Read with full concentration.

Slowly you Reading speed will increase and you will also build your vocabulary muscle. Now you can Combine all the three phases Some Random Tips:- Be Consistent, Read Indian Express and The Hindu Articles everyday.
All the Best Feel Free if you have any Doubt,Whattsapp at bright academy bank po coaching phone no 9872474753